Bessacarr Primary Vegetable Box

Bessacarr Primary Vegetable Box

Having recently become involved with the Yorkshire Agricultural Society education offer, we decided that we would make the Vegetable Box Competition a focus for our Forest School sessions in the Summer Term.

Throughout the school year, we have worked weekly, with two groups of approximately ten children, on Outdoor Education projects based on the Forest Schools approach.

Certainly new friendships have been forged, and the common purpose of working on the vegetable box seems to have given them a sense of belonging to a special project.

The children have engaged in the project at different levels as we expected. Some are extremely interested in the whole process, others in specific aspects of it. They have seen where their food comes from and have tasted new foods along the way. All have taken part in the project.

Out box, being in a prominent position, is admired on a regular basis by staff, parents and children as they are passing on the way in, or out of school.

We are proud of what the children have achieved, and hope that this enthusiasm and knowledge stays with them for a long time.